Volgo-Caspian Design Bureau© 2008

Volgo - Caspian Design Bureau is situated in Nizhny Novgorod and specializes on development of basic (class) designs and the workshop design documentation of vessels of various area of navigation of following types:

tanker vessels for the transportation of crude oil, oil products, chemical cargos, oils, etc.,
dry-cargo vessels,
supply and service vessels,
barges, pantoons, floaters,
off-shore floating structures.

Volgo - Caspian Design Bureau carries out all spectrum of design works, including:

development of absolutely new projects in the form of initial and basic (class) designs,
development of the detailed designs: workshop and lofting documentation,
development of modernization projects, including class change of a vessel,
engineering consultation services.

All works are carried out in view of individual requirements of the customer according to rules of classification societies and applicable international conventions on safety.